Converting XPS to DOC: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the less common but occasionally problematic file types you might encounter is the XPS, or XML Paper Specification file. Although intended by Microsoft as a competitor to the widely-used PDF, XPS files have not gained the same universal adoption. If you need to work on text or data trapped in an XPS file, converting it to a DOC file format can be a more convenient alternative. In this guide, we will explore various methods to accomplish this.

Why Convert XPS to DOC?

The primary reason for converting XPS files to DOC is for greater flexibility. DOC files, predominantly opened with Microsoft Word, offer numerous options for editing, formatting, and data manipulation. Conversely, XPS is more rigid and is not easily editable.

Method 1: Using Online Converters

Several online platforms like 'Zamzar' or 'Convertio' offer free XPS to DOC conversion services.

Method 2: Dedicated Conversion Software

Programs like 'NCH Doxillion' and 'Able2Extract' offer more robust features for file conversion, including XPS to DOC.

Method 3: Manual Copy-Paste

For short XPS documents, manual copying and pasting into a new Word document may suffice.

Method 4: Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR software like 'Adobe Acrobat' can be used to recognize text within the XPS file and export it as a DOC file.

Method 5: Through Scripting

If you are comfortable with programming, you can write scripts to automate the conversion process. Python libraries like 'PyXPS' can be helpful.


Choosing the right method for converting XPS to DOC depends on various factors including the size of the file, the sensitivity of the content, and your comfort with different software or technologies. While online converters are convenient for quick conversions, dedicated software provides a more secure and quality-focused solution. Manual methods and OCR can be useful for specific types of files, and scripting solutions offer the highest level of customization.